Top 30 Fantasy QB’s for 2014 Pre-Preseason Rankings

Included in all my player rankings are player tiers. I think its important to recognize that when you are drafting you should be thinking about where players stack against the rest of the field. When given the choice of a Tier 2 wide receiver or a Tier 3 running back in the 6th round of your draft you are going to want to take the player with more value, I will use a tier system to organize that value to help you stay prepared for your draft. Here are my QB rankings as of now

Tier 1

1. Peyton Manning

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Drew Brees

Tier 1-A

4. Robert Griffin III

5. Matthew Stafford

6. Andrew Luck

Tier 2

7. Colin Kaepernick

8. Cam Newton

9. Jay Cutler

10. Russell Wilson

11. Matt Ryan

12. Nick Foles

13. Tony Romo

Tier 3

14. Andy Dalton

15. Tom Brady

16. Ben Roethlisberger

17. Joe Flacco

18. Carson Palmer

19. Eli Manning

20. Josh McCown

21. Phillip Rivers

22. EJ Manuel

Tier 4

23. Ryan Tannehill

24. Alex Smith

25. Sam Bradford

26. Jake Locker

27. Michael Vick/Geno Smith

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick

29. Johnny Manziel

30. Matt Cassell


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