World Cup 2014 Predictions

That’s right I watch and follow all kinds of football! Here are my predictions for this year’s world cup(which kicks off tomorrow!) Starting with the finishing places of each group and then predicting through the knockout stages to the final! Lets get started

Group A

1st Brazil

2nd Croatia

3rd Mexico

4th Cameroon

Group B

1st Spain

2nd Netherlands

3rd Chile

4th Australia

Group C

1st. Ivory Coast

2nd Greece

3rd Colombia

4th Japan

Group D

1st Uruguay

2nd England

3rd Italy

4th Costa Rica

Group E

1st France

2nd Ecuador

3rd Switzerland

4th Honduras

Group F

1st Argentina

2nd Bosnia-Herzegovina

3rd Iran

4th Nigeria

Group G

1st Germany

2nd Ghana

3rd Portugal- Ghana is a team, Cristiano Ronaldo is just one player. Though I think how team plays Germany will decide who advances

4th United States(It sucks so much)

Group H

1st Belgium

2nd South Korea

3rd Russia- This could go either way but either Japan or South Korea always makes the second round so I have Russia in third)

4th Algeria

2nd Round Match-Ups

Brazil-Netherlands- Brazil should march on to the quarterfinals easily and take revenge on the Dutch for eliminating them in the last World Cup. The Dutch have a frightful back four and won’t be able to defend the Brazilian attack.

Spain- Croatia- Poor Croatia, they won’t stand a chance as Spain steamrolls past them into the quarterfinals.

Ivory Coast-England- I have Ivory Coast advancing to the quarterfinals off the strong play of some of the most celebrated players in the EPL, Yaya Toure and Didier Drogba will need to come up big for them to advance in what should be a close game.

Uruguay-Greece- The Greeks are always a strong defensive team but the Uruguayan strike force of Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani should prove to be too much for them to handle

France- Bosnia-Herzegovina- I think the whack-a-mole strike force of Oliver Giroud and Karim Benzema shows up and helps France advance into the quarterfinals

Argentina-Ecuador- Argentina, plain and simple

Germany-South Korea- The Germans advance easily

Belgium-Ghana- I am way too excited about this Belgium team to have them lose here, they should win a tough match against a good Ghana team and advance.


Brazil-Ivory Coast- The host team gets closer to their goal as Brazil should blow past Ivory Coast.

Spain-Uruguay- I have Spain, but I don’t feel too excited about it. They are overall much better than Uruguay but lack the offensive power to match them if Suarez and Cavani decide to go off.

France- Germany- Germany should be able to get past the French and back into the Semi-Finals. The consistency difference between the French and the Germans will be a big factor

Belgium-Argentina- I went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on this one. I think both of these teams are capable of winning it all. I picked Belgium to get by Argentina here. The Argentine back four is sub-par and I think Belgium is such a top down quality team that they should be able to advance.

Brazil-Germany- I have Brazil advancing here. This is Germany every year, getting deep into the tournament and then flaming out somewhere, I think it is here.

Belgium-Spain- I have my dark horse Belgium advancing to the finals against Spain. These teams are very equally constructed and I think Belgium can save us from a favorite heavy final of Spain and Brazil.(If I had picked Argentina, which I strongly considered I had them winning this game too).

The Final

Brazil-Belgium- Aaaand Brazil wins the world cup. Its just the most likely scenario. They have a stacked team top down, and the home field advantage should help them immensely. As much as I love Belgium(perhaps irrationally) I don’t realistically see them beating Brazil in Brazil to win the world cup.

Whatever happens I’m sure there will be great games, great goals and tons of excitement. Time to go and enjoy the world’s biggest and best sporting event.

You can follow how accurate or inaccurate my predictions yourself or with the help of this ESPN bracket challenge submission



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