Fantasy Football Pre-Preseason Stock Watch, Rankings Reaction Part 4

As I was reviewing the rankings for fantasy Wide Receivers there weren’t any players that really struck me as being overvalued/undervalued by any significant amount. Seeing as there wasn’t anyone to cast a caution flag on or to buy in on I’m going to do my reaction here a little differently and just talk about some things that stuck out to me.

1. It gets risky quick at receiver- I count only 4 top flight receivers for this year’s draft, they are Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, AJ Green and Demaryius Thomas. After that I have Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Julio Jones a slight notch down from the top 4. Those are the safe receivers, after that there are a lot of questions surrounding the rest of the top 25 receivers. Will Andre Johnson play this year(currently holding out, demanding a trade or his release)? What to we expect of all the receivers who put up crappy years last year or missed major time(Victor Cruz, Roddy White, Reggie Wayne, Randall Cobb, Percy Harvin, Michael Crabtree, Dwayne Bowe)? How much do Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson cannibalize each other’s production? I suggest grabbing a tier 1 receiver in the early rounds so you can have a safe player at the position so you don’t have such a potentially risky player as your #1 receiver

2. Outside looking in- There were a few guys lurking outside the top 20, 25 who I think have a good shot of breaking that group. Players such as T.Y Hilton, Torrey Smith, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright and Cordarrelle Patterson. Outside the top 30 I thought Hakeem Nicks was interesting. I think he will be the #2 receiver in Indy as Reggie Wayne works back from his ACL injury. I think Mike Evans has a shot at being a surprise Top 20 player if Tampa Bay elects to air it out with Josh McCown and he plays the Alshonn Jeffery to Vincent Jackson’s Brandon Marshall. If Andre Johnson does hold out DeAndre Hopkins gets a surge in value and could put up big numbers. 1 of the Eagles receivers is going to bust out with a big year, maybe its Jeremy Maclin, maybe its rookie Jordan Matthews?

3. Receiver is the position that seems the most straightforward to me- Sometimes it is what it is and receiver this year very much feels that way. I’m sure as we get closer to the season and depth charts and rosters become more concrete and roles become clearly define there will be some adjustments but just minor ones. After looking at the receivers for this year it really changed my draft strategy, I now consider it a must-do to grab one of the top 7 receivers during my draft, I don’t want to get stuck with riskier players that I need to count on


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