MLB All Star Break Predictions

It’s the halfway point of the MLB season! I have given out my mid-season awards for individual play and now I am going to make my halfway predictions for how the teams fare for the rest of the season

Division Winners


AL East Winner: Baltimore Orioles

Maybe Toronto will give them a run for the division down the line but it won’t be anybody else. The Red Sox and Rays are out of it for this year, barring a crazy streak and the Yankees just lost Masahiro Tanaka, who has given them a little over 25% of all their wins this year so I think they are out of it as well

AL Central Winner: Detroit Tigers

They have the biggest first place division lead in baseball and I don’t think they will give it up to an up and coming Kansas City team or a .500 Cleveland team. They will stay the course.

AL West Winner: Oakland A’s

The Angels are surging and are hot on their trail now, but I think the best team in baseball will hold onto their divisional lead. Newly acquired Jeff Samardzija should be the star their rotation was lacking and help push them over the edge.

AL Wild Card Winners: LA Angels, Seattle Mariners

It’s a 4 team race between for the wild card spots but really it’s a three team race for one wild card spot. The second place team in the AL East should take the first wild card spot leaving Seattle, Kansas City and Toronto to duke it out for the remaining spot. Seattle is in the lead for that spot right now and I think they should be able to hold onto it if they remain steady for the remainder of the season.


NL East Winner: Washington Nationals

They are finally healthy now that Bryce Harper is back and have a more bats than manager Matt Williams knows what to do with. They still have one of, if not the best rotation in baseball with four good starters, all star Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg and Doug Fister. They also have some of the best relief pitchers in the game with all star Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen. I believe they have more than enough talent to win the division.

NL Central Winner: St. Louis Cardinals

Because don’t they always just hang around and then win it at the end? If they don’t win the division they will take a wildcard spot, no way they miss the playoffs

NL West Winner: LA Dodgers

San Francisco has cooled off a little bit and the Dodgers have picked up some steam and have the division lead heading into the break. I think this division race will be close with the loser taking a wild card berth.

NL Wild Card Winners: San Francisco Giants, Milwaukee Brewers

This was a tough call because the NL wild card race is a crowded mess right now. Taking out the teams I have winning divisions, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Milwaukee are all jockeying for the playoff spots. All five teams are separated by 4 games between each other and all have a good shot at making the playoffs. I think Atlanta has the best chance of the teams I left out of the playoffs but it’s a close race all around.


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