Fantasy Football Tier One Players 2.0

Here is the second version of my Tier One players. These are players I consider the top players in Fantasy Football, with a considerable difference between them and the players a tier below them. You’ll want to get as many of these players as possible, and they will be coming off the board early so get them while you can. Players I have grouped in the Tier 1-A category are players I feel that are a little more risky than clear cut Tier 1 players, or they are players who I feel have a slight drop-off from Tier 1 production but who should be considered when talking about players of this caliber.


1. Peyton Manning

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Drew Brees

Tier 1-A

1. Andrew Luck

2. Matthew Stafford

3. Robert Griffin III


1. LeSean McCoy

2. Adrian Peterson

3. Jamaal Charles

4. Marshawn Lynch

5. Eddy Lacy

6. Matt Forte

Tier 1-A

1. Arian Foster

2. Zac Stacy


1. Calvin Johnson

2. Dez Bryant

3. Demaryius Thomas

4. AJ Green

Tier 1-A

1. Julio Jones

2. Brandon Marshall

3. Alshon Jeffery


1. Jimmy Graham

Tier 1-A

1. Rob Gronkowski( if, when, if ever healthy)


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