Fantasy Football Tier 1 Players 3.0

Here is the third version of my Tier One players. These are players I consider the top players in Fantasy Football, with a considerable difference between them and the players a tier below them. You’ll want to get as many of these players as possible, and they will be coming off the board early so get them while you can. Players I have grouped in the Tier 1-A category are players I feel that are a little more risky than clear cut Tier 1 players, or they are players who I feel have a slight drop-off from Tier 1 production but who should be considered when talking about players of this caliber.


1. Peyton Manning

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Drew Brees

Tier 1-A

1. Andrew Luck

2. Cam Newton

3. Matthew Stafford

4. Robert Griffin III


1. LeSean McCoy

2. Adrian Peterson

3. Jamaal Charles

4. Matt Forte

5. Eddy Lacy

6. Marshawn Lynch

Tier 1-A

1. Arian Foster

2. DeMarco Murray

3. Zac Stacy


1. Calvin Johnson

2. Dez Bryant

3. Demaryius Thomas

4. AJ Green

Tier 1-A

1. Julio Jones

2. Brandon Marshall

3. Alshon Jeffery

4. Jordy Nelson

5. Antonio Brown


1. Jimmy Graham

Tier 1-A

1. Rob Gronkowski( if, when, if ever healthy)

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