Premier League Table Preview

Soccer’s back! It hasn’t been gone long though, with the world cup ending just a little over a month ago. The premiership is about to kick off and let’s look at each team and see where they will finish this season.

20. Burnley

19. Hull City

18. Leicester City

17. Swansea City

16. QPR

15. West Bromwich Albion

14. Sunderland

13. Crystal Palace

12. Newcastle United

11. West Ham United

10. Southampton

9. Stoke City

8. Aston Villa

7. Tottenham

6. Manchester United

Not yet, the rebuilding isn’t finished yet. I like the signing of Louis Van Gaal as manager and think he will help them make the most out of what they have. However they still have some holes in their team. They lost a starting back line during the transfer window with the departures of Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra and Buttner. They still could use better central midfielders as well. Michael Carrick is getting up there in age and Marouane Fellaini was inconsistent throughout last season. They will still score a lot of goals and be competitive but they are still a year out from going back to champions league

5. Liverpool

The loss of Suarez is huge, I don’t care how you slice it. Regardless about how you feel about Luis Suarez he was the best player in the premier league last year and one of the main reasons Liverpool contended for the title. They got a good haul for him by gutting Southampton for Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren. I wonder about how they will finish up top. Daniel Sturridge has been streaky at times, and while he will have help from Lambert and other new signing Divock Origi, I doubt Liverpool will have the success they had last year.

4. Everton

Keeping Romelu Lukaku was their biggest move of the off-season. They also kept the core of their team, which is another plus for them this year. I think the 4 spot in the table is wide open and Everton has as good a chance as any club to get there. Their defense was very strong last year. They only allowed 39 goals throughout their campaign, the 3rd lowest mark in the premiership. They finished 5th last year and with continuity on their side they should take the step up into champions league.

3. Arsenal

Same old Arsenal. They will be very good again this year but they aren’t the same quality as Man City and Chelsea are top to bottom. Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy will be strong additions, but they needed help at the striker position. David Ospina will probably be ok but Arsenal struggled for goals last year when Oliver Giroud didn’t produce them. To take that next big step towards contending for the title I want to see them to sign a big name striker and make the leap. Until they do they will have to settle for Champions League again this year. We’ll get them next year Gunners

2. Manchester City

They didn’t bring in anyone of significance or lose anyone of significance, they are planning to run it back and take the title again, and they just might. Their strikeforce is still the best in the premiership and they are two deep at every position. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out of no where and sneak away with the title because they will be there around the top of the table every step of the way.

1. Chelsea

They are stacked, top to bottom. They have the most talent in the premier league after going on their latest spending spree which brought more world class talent to the Stamford Bridge. Bringing over Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Didier Drogba, Cesc Fabregas and gettin back Thibaut Cortois from loan will strengthen each sector of the team. After just falling short of the title last year they will duel with Manchester City the whole season for this year’s title. The X factor is Diego Costa. If he plays like the player he was prior to his injury then I think that gives Chelsea enough attack power to balance out their premier league best defense. Bringing back Didier Drogba was sentimental, but Costa is the key finisher on this team and needs to play like it. They are just so deep at every position it would be a disappointment for Jose Mourinho not to lead them to the premier league title.


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