2014 Fantasy Football 50 Predictions

Predictions are a funny thing. All kinds of people make them. Analysts, experts, pundits, coaches, players, fans, and idiots, and the only thing that separates all of them is whether their predictions come true or not. I’m going to come out and say I guarantee that not everything I’m going to predict is going to come true, but I’m sure most of it will. I’m not going to say all my predictions are bold or cookie cutter, there is some of both, I’m just here to make them, so let’s get started.

1. Peyton Manning finishes as the 3rd best fantasy quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

Manning finished 4th behind Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson

2.Jay Cutler is a top 10 fantasy quarterback this year

Cutler finished 14th

3. Arian Foster and Doug Martin finish outside the top 10 at running back this year

Doug Martin did(finishing outside the top 50), Arian Foster finished 5th

4. A player currently ranked outside the top 25 at running back will finish inside the top 12 at the position

Jeremy Hill, Justin Forsett, Lamar Miller, CJ Anderson

5. Jamaal Charles and Marshawn Lynch will finish outside the top 5 at running back

Charles finished 7th and Lynch finished 3rd

6. Jordan Matthews will be the non-Riley Cooper Eagles receiver you want, not Jeremy Maclin


7. Both DMV Tight Ends will finish inside the top 6 at the position(Jordan Reed, Dennis Pitta)

Dear God no

8. RG3 is a top 5 QB this year or he is outside the top 20 at the position

Yes, outside the top 20

9. Joique Bell finishes with more fantasy points than Reggie Bush


10. The NFC North will have at least 10 players(non defense and kicker) finish in the top 10 at their respective positions

No, 9 players(including kicker and defense) finished inside the top 10 with only 6 non kicker/defensive players

11. The AFC North will have 3 or less

No,  There were 5, Antonio Brown, Big Ben, Le’Veon Bell, Jeremy Hilland Justin Forsett

12. Michael Floyd finishes with more fantasy points than Larry Fitzgerald

Yes, not that it mattered

13. The Rams D/ST finishes inside the top 5 in it’s position

No, they finished 9th

14. The Ravens D/ST finishes inside the top 10

Yes, they finished 7th

15. The Panthers and 49ers D/ST will finish outside the top 10 defenses


16. No skill position player on the Jets or Raiders will be worth owning in a standard 10 team league


17. No receivers on the Rams, Bills, Jaguars, Colts, Panthers, Seahawks, Browns and Chiefs finish inside the top 20 this year

No, T.Y Hilton, Kelvin Benjamin

18. Kendall Wright will have at least 1,100 yards and 6 TD’s


19. So will Torrey Smith

Not exactly, He had the fantasy equivalent(137 points out of the 140 listed above) with 11 TD’s and 767 yards

20. Only one running back from the NFC South will finish inside the top 20 at the position

Yes, Mark Ingram

21. Two running backs on the San Diego Chargers will finish inside the top 25 at the position

No, not even one

22. Phillip Rivers finishes outside the top 15 at QB

No, 12th

23. DeMarco Murray plays all 16 games this year


24. He finishes inside the top 7 at running back

Yes, he led the position

25. Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant both finish with more fantasy points than Calvin Johnson

Yes and Yes

26. Carson Palmer finishes with more fantasy points than Nick Foles

No, but he had a higher average fantasy points per game

27. So does Jake Locker, if he stays healthy

No, and he was hurt

28. Only 5 receivers finish with 200+ fantasy points this year

Only 4 did with OBJ 3 points out

29. AJ Green will be on the outside looking in

Yes he was

30. Jordy Nelson will finish with more fantasy points than AJ Green

Yes he did

31. Drafting a kicker before the last round of your draft is always a dumb idea


32. Terrance West will be the rookie running back who finishes with the most fantasy points this season

no Jeremy Hill

33. Neither Trent Richardson or Ray Rice will finish within the top 25 at their position


34. Tom Brady will crack the top 10 at quarterback, and top 5 if Gronk is healthy for the full season

Yes to top 10 no to top 5, he finished 8th

35. Cordarrelle Patterson will finish as a top 12 wide receiver this year

Oh god no

36. Vernon Davis will finish outside the top 10 at tight end

Yes, big yes

37. Matthew Stafford will finish inside the top 5 at quarterback or outside the top 12

Yes, #15

38. Tony Romo will finish the season as a top 7 quarterback

No, he finished 11th

39. Doug Baldwin will finish with more fantasy points than Percy Harvin


40. If Wes Welker misses significant time, Emmanuel Sanders finishes the season as a top 10 receiver, otherwise he finishes inside the top 20

Yes even without Welker missing time

41.  EJ Manuel finishes the year as a top 20 QB

no, no, no, no. Kyle Orton did finish 21st while missing 4 games though

42. The Jaguars D/ST will be top 10 this year


43. Austin Seferian-Jenkins finishes with more fantasy points than Eric Ebron

Yes although it absolutely didn’t matter

44. Brandin Cooks and DeAndre Hopkins finish the season just inside the top 25 at receiver

Hopkins finished 15th and Cooks got hurt and wasn’t close

45. Dwyane Bowe, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Maclin, Cecil Shorts III and Marques Colston all finish outside the top 30 at receiver

Colston was 30th, Watkins was 27th Shorts and Bowe were outside but Maclin was 9th

46. 20 different quarterbacks have at least 200 total fantasy points as their season total

19 did it

47. Charles Clay cracks the top 8 at tight end


48. Andre Ellington has at least 1,500 all all purpose yards this season

Nope he had over 1,000 but missed the final 4 games

49. Frank Gore has one last top 10 running back season left in the tank

nope 17th

50. Fantasy Football is a great game and everyone should try and make their leagues as fun as they can!





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