NFL Week 1 Spread Picks

Football season is here! That means it’s time to show how bad of a gambler I would be if I actually put money on every game. I’m going to pick games every week against the spread, because picking teams without the spread is pretty pleb. Without further ado let’s get started.

9/4 8:35 ETAt Seattle-5.5 Green Bay

I’m taking the Seahawks at home, always take the Seahawks at home.

9/7 1:00 ETNew Orleans-3 At Atlanta

I’m taking the Saints, I think Atlanta might suck this year and the Saints are a juggernaut and I think they can easily beat the Falcons by more than 3 in their dome.

9/7 1:00 ETAt St. Louis-4 Minnesota

I’m taking the Vikings, I’ll take Matt Cassell and his supporting cast of an actual offense vs Shaun Hill and Zac Stacy with a bunch of receivers no one has ever heard of, both defenses are solid so that’s a wash.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Pittsburgh-6.5 Cleveland

I’m taking the Steelers, because I don’t believe in the Browns at all

9/7 1:00 ETAt Philadelphia-10 Jacksonville

I’m taking the Jaguars, because I don’t believe in the Eagles at all

9/7 1:00 ETAt NY Jets-5 Oakland

I’m taking the Jets, because they should beat the Raiders by at least a touchdown

9/7 1:00 ETAt Baltimore-1.5 Cincinnati

I’m taking the Ravens because they have gone 46-10 at home in the Harbaugh era, which amounts to a staggering 0.821 winning percentage at home

9/7 1:00 ETAt Chicago-6.5 Buffalo

My lock of the week, Chicago cruises to victory in this one by blowing out Buffalo.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Houston-2.5 Washington

I’m taking Washington, I think they can scrap together a win against the Texans.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Kansas City-4 Tennessee

I’m going to take the Chiefs, I think the home field advantage matters here and they take care of business and beat the Titans

9/7 1:00 ETNew England-5 At Miami

I’m going to take the most boring team in football and the obvious pick, the Patriots

9/7 4:25 ETAt Tampa Bay-1.5 Carolina

I’m going to take the Panthers here, I think they keep it close and sneak away with the win

9/7 4:25 ETSan Francisco-5 At Dallas

San Francisco all the way

9/7 8:30 ETAt Denver-7.5 Indianapolis

Never go against Peyton Manning in prime time, I’m taking the Broncos

9/8 7:10 ET At Detroit-5.5 New York Giants

I’m taking the Giants to cover but ultimately lose the game. The Giants have a sneaky good defense and should keep this contest close.

9/810:25 ET At Arizona-3 San Diego

I’m taking the Chargers in what should be an exciting game, I think they will be able to run on the Cardinals and win the game


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