Fantasy Football Week 1 Use ’em or lose ’em

It’s about to be week one of the fantasy football season! When I started writing this blog and preparing for the season there was one thing that I always had in the back of my mind, What do I call this article? This one, the article where I tell you who I think you should play this week in fantasy and who I think you should leave on your bench. Matthew Berry calls it his Love/Hate article, other sites call it Start/Sit. This is what I am going to call it, and I hope you will continue to read it along with Fantasy Zombie as I continue to give you all the fantasy football insight I have

Use ’em

Colin Kaepernick- The Cowboys defense is akin to a rotting zombie husk, it’s missing a bunch of important parts and has tons of holes in it. I can’t wait to see Kaepernick go to town on this porous defense with his full arsenal of weapons in Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson and Vernon Davis. Finished 10th at QB that week

Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis- Read Above Crabtree had 25 yards and was a bust this week, Davis had 44 yards and 2 TD’s and was second at TE that week

Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery- Jairus Byrd is gone to New Orleans and I’m supposed to believe that 5’10 Leodis McKelvin and 6’1 Stephon Gilmore are going to stop the 6’4 Marshall or 6’3 Jeffery? Now way, not at all. Start both of them with confidence, and Jay Cutler as well. Marshall finished  tied at #13 WR that week with 71 yards a TD and a lost fumble, Jeffery finished outside the top 30 at WR that week with 71 yards

Jamaal Charles- Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t true, especially against a Titans defense that gave up the 3rd most rushing TD’s last year. He had 34 total yards and was a bust this week

Kendall Wright- I think the Chiefs secondary looks average now that Brandon Flowers is gone and I think Kendall Wright could have a sneaky good game against them, he is usually good for a handful of catches a game anyway Wright had 46 yards and a TD and was the #20 WR that week

Michael Floyd- He will get to feast on the non-Brandon Flowers corner in what I expect to be a shoot-out. Larry Fitzgerald should be a good play too, but I am really excited about Floyd as a super flex or strong WR2 Floyd had 5 catches for 119 yards and finished tied for the #13 WR that week

CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson- I want to see the Bears stop the run before I stop considering them an auto-start match-up for running backs Spiller finished 14 at RB that week with 64 total yards and a TD and Jackson finished with 74 total yards

Emmanuel Sanders- He slides into the #2 spot after Wes Welker has been suspended for the first 4 games of the season. I love him in this role and think he should have a good game against a questionable Colts defense 88 total yards making him a good flex play.

Andre Johnson- There isn’t a player in the Washington secondary who I have much regard for other than DeAngelo Hall, but Johnson has almost half a foot on him. It will be a mismatch all day long that he can exploit Johnson had 93 yards that week and finished inside the top 25 at WR 

Zach Ertz- Jacksonville was terrible against the tight end last season, and I think that he scores here and gets some solid yardage too Ertz finished as the #5 TE that week with 77 yards and a TD

Bengals D/ST – They averaged 15 points a game against the Ravens last season, and the Ravens will be without Ray Rice(which albeit, isn’t worth much but Bernard Pierce hasn’t ever proved he is more than a backup) and Flacco becomes erratic when the Ravens go one dimensional. The Bengals finished as the #13 fantasy defense that week

Lose ‘Em

Andy Dalton- The Ravens defense is really good, especially in the back 7, and Dalton threw 4 TD’s against 7 interceptions against them last season. The Bengals could win this game, but it will be through defense(see above) and a good rushing attack, stay away from Dalton. No Finished 8th at QB that week

Robert Griffin III- I want to see it first before I feel confident about starting him, and going up against a stacked Texans defense doesn’t inspire confidence either.  Yes, finished outside the top 20 that week

Toby Gerhart- It’s just a bad match-up for him. The Eagles are hapless against the pass but were surprisingly good at stopping the run last year, ranking 10th in the NFL. It doesn’t help that this game looks to get ugly quick, which could cut into the Gerhart’s workload, and that was the whole reason to buy in on him, the big workload, Gerhart with less than 20 touches in a game isn’t worth more than maybe a flex. 57 total yards ranking him outside the top 30 at RB that week

Doug Martin- Carolina’s front seven is still really good and I still won’t believe in Doug Martin until I see it first anyway 9 carries for 9 yards

Trent Richardson- Because he sucks, seriously he sucks, don’t waste your time 51 total yards and ranked outside the top 30 at RB that week

Alfred Morris- Did I mention Houston has a really good defense? He had 91 rushing yards and ranked 26th at RB that week

Keenan Allen- Remember Patrick Peterson? That corner the Cardinals just made the highest paid corner in the NFL? I think he does what he’s paid to and shuts down the other team’s #1 receiver, who happens to be Keenan Allen this week Allen had 37 yards that week and was outside the top 30 WR’s

Mike Wallace- Revis Island much? Wallace was the #12 Wide Receiver this week with 81 yards a TD and a lost fumble

Charles Clay – New England’s defense looks pretty good and I am curious to see what his role in the offense is, there are better starts this week. Clay had 27 yards and was outside the top 20 at TE

Delanie Walker- I think Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter get the targets this week, and if I remember correctly the Chiefs were good against the tight end last year. Walker finished as the #9 Tight End that week with 37 yards and a TD

Panthers D/ST – I’m not buying that this is a great match-up for them. Their front 7 is still as good as it gets, but their corners aren’t great and both of their starting safeties are from other teams in the divison(Thomas DeCoud from Atlanta and Roman Harper from New Orleans). If they force Tampa Bay to throw on them I think the could be pretty successful with the Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans combo. The Panthers finished as the #6 scoring defense that week



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