NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread

Last Week was brutal, I went 5-11 and lost a few games by a half point. Week 1 is always rough for me but after getting more of a feel for the league I’m ready to get my shit together and take on this week! Lines come from


9/11 8:25 ET At Baltimore -2.5 Pittsburgh
9/14 1:00 ET At Carolina -3 Detroit
9/14 1:00 ET Miami -1 At Buffalo
9/14 1:00 ET At Washington -6 Jacksonville
9/14 1:00 ET At Tennessee -3.5 Dallas
9/14 1:00 ET Arizona -2.5 At NY Giants
9/14 1:00 ET New England -3 At Minnesota
9/14 1:00 ET New Orleans -6.5 At Cleveland
9/14 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -5 Atlanta
9/14 4:05 ET At Tampa Bay -5.5 St. Louis
9/14 4:05 ET Seattle -6 At San Diego
9/14 4:25 ET Houston -3 At Oakland
9/14 4:25 ET At Green Bay -8 NY Jets
9/14 4:25 ET At Denver -13.5 Kansas City
9/14 8:30 ET At San Francisco -7 Chicago
9/15 8:35 ET At Indianapolis -3 Philadelphia


I’m taking the Steelers to beat the Ravens, the Ray Rice distraction is too huge to overcome, especially during a short week

I’m taking the Panthers over the Lions. I don’t think the Lions were properly tested on either side of the ball Monday by the lackluster Giants, getting Cam Newton back helps too

I’m taking the Bills over the Dolphins, I kinda like the Bills and think it’s close so I’ll take the home dog

I’m taking the Jaguars to cover. Washington SHOULD win but I don’t know if they win by a touchdown. RG3 continues to think, not play during gameday, aka he’s better than this, but is limiting himself

I’m taking the Titans over the Cowboys. Dallas was supposed to have an awesome offense despite it’s atrocious defense, the offense didn’t show up against the 49ers and Tony Romo looked shaky

I’m taking the Cardinals over the Giants, I mean you watched the Giants play right? They were embarrassing offensively and got torched by Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense. I don’t expect better results against a Cardinals defense that looked good against the Chargers and who should have their offense clicking.

I’m taking the Patriots over the Vikings. The Patriots have only lost back to back games four times since the 2003 season, I’m going to take that trend to the bank(and root for my Vikings to break it, but I pick with my head not my heart)

I’m taking the Saints over the Browns. The Saints don’t drop to 0-2 and their defense should step it up after getting torched last week, they are better than that

I’m taking the Bengals over the Falcons. The Bengals defense is still more than capable of playing at a high level. If you take away the busted coverage 80 yard bomb to Steve Smith the Bengals held the Ravens to 10 points on 34/61 for 265 yards from Joe Flacco and 91 rushing yards on 20 carries from the Ravens. Andy Dalton and AJ Green can light up the Falcons defense too. I believe in the Bengals

I’m taking the Buccaneers I guess? I can’t take whatever cadaver the Rams are throwing out at QB and their team this week.

I’m taking the Seahawks over the Chargers. The Seahawks just beat the Packers by 20 points, I’m supposed to believe they can’t beat the Chargers by a TD? Get real

I’m taking Houston over Oakland. The Texans have a better defense and a better offense than the Raiders. I don’t think the injury of JaDaveon Hypebeast Clowney slows down the Texans and they should in this game with a score of 17-10 or something like that

Packers over Jets. The Packers aren’t going 0-2 either, and especially not against a Jets team that unconvincingly beat the Raiders last week

I’m taking the Broncos and the 2 touchdown victory over the Chiefs. You have to be able to throw the ball to be able to have a backdoor cover like the Colts did last week. The Chiefs have 0 NFL caliber receivers on their roster outside of Dwayne Bowe, who Alex Smith doesn’t even throw the ball to. Gonna be a long year for the Chiefs

I’m taking the Bears over the 49ers. These teams are a lot closer than the spread suggests. The 49ers should have beaten the Cowboys by at least 20 last week, I’m not convinced. The Bears melted down against the Bills but still lost in overtime by 3, I could see a similar result playing out here as well, if not a Bears win

I’m taking the Colts. I don’t believe in the Eagles at all, who beat the Jaguars last week after they celebrated their 17-0 lead they forgot to play the rest of the game and let the Eagles come back and win. The Colts aren’t that amateur.


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