Week 2 Fantasy Football Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Another week, another list. Last week was the start of the Football season and boy-o am I glad to have it back. All the nerves about waiting for what would play out in week 1(which ends up being unpredictable anyway) was eating at me. I would say last week went pretty well other than Jamaal Charles and the Panthers D/ST blowing up in my face, but hey I can’t be perfect. Without further ado let’s get started. All after the fact reflections are made using ESPN standard scoring

Use ‘Em

Kendall Wright- I was wright about him last week wasn’t I? After having a solid week 1 line(6 catches for 46 yards and a TD on 7 targets) I like him even more this week. Jake Locker playing well obviously inspires confidence in Wright, but more importantly, the match-up! He gets the porous Cowboys defense to take advantage of, he should be a strong WR2 or mega flex this week. Wright had 3 fantasy points, bad call

Larry Donnell- Someone on the Giants has to do something right? Victor Cruz is going to be shut down by Patrick Peterson and Cardinals have a good run defense too. They have been weak to opposing tight ends though and I think Donnell’s success continues Donnell had 8 fantasy points and was tied for the #9 TE of the week

Andy Dalton, Giovanni Bernard, AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham- The Falcons haven’t played good defense in a while now, start all with confidence. Gresham included assuming Tyler Eifert misses this game. Dalton was tied for the #15 QB of the week with 14 points, Bernard had 22 points and was the #2 RB that week, Green got hurt and had 0 points, Gresham had 2 fantasy points and was a dud

Jake Locker- The Cowboys aren’t going to stop Locker from having a big day and building on his success from week 1(all talked about in my Waiver Wire Pick-up articleLocker had 9 points and was a bust this week and outside the top 20 at QB

Pierre Thomas- Had a quiet 89 totals yards(7 carries for 31 yards and 6 catches for 58 yards on 7 targets) last week. Khiry Robinson and Mark Ingram will limit his carries but neither will take away any of his catches from the backfield. LeVeon Bell ripped the Browns for 6 catches and 88 yards on 7 targets. Thomas should be a great flex and solid RB2 if he can replicate those receiving totals with a dash of rushing yards as well. Thomas had 2 fantasy points and was a bust this week

Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb- The Jets aren’t the Seahawks, and Derek Carr threw 2 TD’s against them, what do you think the Packers will do? Rodgers led the week at QB with 27 points and Nelson led the week at WR with 26 points while Cobb was tied for the #3 receiver slot with 17 points

Russell Wilson- The Chargers defense can be exposed, as we saw by Carson Palmer, and I actually like the Seahawks offense this year. Wilson looked really good and breezed his way to 18 fantasy points last week, expect similar results Wilson had 17 points and was tied for the #8 QB of the week

Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Montee Ball- Did you see the Chiefs play last week? This one should get ugly and I think everyone will get a chance to showcase themselves on Sunday Manning had 21 points and was the #4 QB, Demaryius Thomas had 12 points and was tied for the #11 WR, Sanders had 10 points and was tied for WR #15, Julius Thomas had 9 points and was tied for TE #7 and Ball had 8 points and was outside the top #20 RB’s

Andrew Luck- The Eagles can’t stop the pass, Luck will need to pass in what should be a shootout against a strong run defense, top 3 QB for me this week. Luck had 18 points and was tied for the #5 QB of the week

Frank Gore, Carlos Hyde- The Bears are still abysmal against the run, look at what CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson(especially Fred Jackson on that mean rush to close the game)did against them last week. The 49ers running back duo should be more than fine against them Hyde was a dud and didn’t score a fantasy point that week and Gore was the #14 RB that week with 13 points

Charles Clay- The Bills let Martellus Bennett go for 70 yards and a TD against them last week, I think Clay can have success against them too, he is a better player. Clay had 3 points and was another TE dud for the week

Texans D/ST- It’s the Raiders, cut me a break The Texans had 8 fantasy points, tied for 11th among D/ST that week

Lose ‘Em

Keenan Allen- Rinse and repeat from last week and just sub Patrick Peterson for Richard Sherman Allen had 5 fantasy points that week

Trent Richardson- Every week until he doesn’t suck, especially against the Eagles who have a good run defense Richardson had 95 total yards but also fumbled in this game 

Robert Griffin- I have to see it to believe it, regardless of match-up Griffin got 3 fantasy points before getting hurt in this game

Toby Gerhart- He is banged up and Washington played the run well last week, limiting Arian Foster to a 3.8 yards per carry average. Gerhart didn’t score a single fantasy point that week

Alex Smith- He’s never striked me as a guy who is going to get garbage time points at the end of a game, look at last week for example. It doesn’t help that Denver’s pass rush looked good last week and he has no one other than Donnie Avery to throw the ball to Smith was tied for the #15 QB that week with 14 fantasy points

Ben Roethlisberger- Don’t like the match-up against the Ravens. They played Andy Dalton well until the huge AJ Green game winning touchdown which saved his fantasy day. Take away that play and he has 224 passing yards with no TD’s and 3 rushing yards as his totals, not worth much of anything. Tack on that the Ravens-Steelers games are traditionally bloodbath, rock-fight, low scoring games and I don’t like Big Ben this week. Roethlisberger had 6 fantasy points that week and was a disaster, as expected

All the Giants(except TE Larry Donnell)- The Giants offense is in “needs to be seen playing well before I start anyone on that team” mode. Rashad Jennings had 8 fantasy points and was outside the top 20 RB’s, Eli had 15 fantasy points and was tied forthe #12 QB that week, Reuben Randle had 9 fantasy points and was the #19 WR that week, Victor Cruz had 6 fantasy points

Phillip Rivers, Ryan Matthews – The Seahawks are better than the Cardinals, who Rivers struggled against Monday night, a clear stay away. Same for Matthews, who was bailed out of his 40 yard rushing day with his TD. Rivers was the #3 QB that week and Matthews had 5 fantasy points

All Rams- Including Zac Stacy, who no longer seems to be the feature back in the offense with Benny Cunningham involved. Tampa Bay held the Panthers to 113 yards on 33 rushes for a 3.4 yard average. You weren’t planning on staring any pass catchers on the Rams were you? Stacy had 11 fantasy points and was the #20 RB that week, Brian Quick had 74 receiving yards and was tied for the #23 WR that week

Allen Hurns- I absolutely don’t believe. He did all of his work in the first quarter and vanished, with the rest of the Jaguars offense, after that. Cecil Shorts returning and Marquis Lee should be the Jags receivers you want, if you want Jags receivers to begin with. Hurns had 1 fantasy point

Joique Bell, Reggie Bush- The Panthers front 7 is brutal, and won’t be run on. Take away the Javorskie Lane 54 yard run from the Buccaneers rushing total last week and it comes out to 16 carries for 48 yards and a 3 yard per carry average. Maybe they break one off in the passing game but their value is going to be limited and you will have better options. Bell had 7 fantasy points(outside the top 30 RB’s) and Bush had 2 points

Saints D/ST- The Browns are feisty and should be pesky enough to ruin a potentially good match-up, and the Saints defense looked like a cadaver last week. The Saints had 1 fantasy point that week

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