Fantasy Football Week 3 Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

It’s time to gear up for week 3 of the NFL season! Last week was a totally weird week in fantasy and hopefully this week things are a little bit predictable. Anyway let’s get started

Use ‘Em

DeMarco Murray- Murray has absolutely owned the Rams in the past. He has averaged well over 200 yards a game against them, and with Dallas committed to running the ball I think he continues his rampage to start the season with another big game Sunday. Murray had 17 fantasy points which had him tied for the #4 RB that week

Julio Jones, Vincent Jackson- Neither Tampa or Atlanta know how to cover receivers Jones scored 28 fantasy points and led the week for WR’s in scoring. Jackson had a mega-garbage time TD to get to 7 fantasy points and squandered a good match-up

Brian Quick- I am buying what I am seeing from Quick so far. He has been the target hog of the Rams offense and gets a solid match-up against the Cowboys this week. He should be a strong flex play or solid WR3 this week. Quick had 12 fantasy points and was the #16 WR that week

Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett- The Jets are awful in pass defense and Cutler should have a huge game throwing to his big three targets in Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett, who should all be in your line-ups. Jeffery was tied for the #18 receiver that week, Marshall had less than 10 yards, Martellus Bennett led the week at tight end, Cutler finished as the #15 QB that week

Andrew Luck- The Colts are desperate for a win and I expect Luck to lead the charge to destroy a hapless Jaguars team. Ahmad Bradshaw might be a sneaky flex play here but Luck is the sure thing here Andrew Luck led all players in scoring that week with 31 fantasy points

All your Lions- The Packers defense has looked like a holey block of cheese to start off the season and I expect the Lions to be able to exploit that in what I expect will be a shootout. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are obvious starts but Joique Bell and Golden Tate should also be in your line-up this week Stafford crapped the bed and had less than 5 fantasy points, Reggie Bush had 99 total yards and a TD, Golden Tate had 50ish yards, Calvin Johnson had 80ish yards and Joique Bell had 30ish yards

Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb- The Lions pass defense isn’t great either, they are more formidable against the run, start both with confidence. Nelson had 50ish yards and Cobb had 20ish yards, bad call

Greg Olsen- Did you see the damage the Ravens did to the Steelers last week with the tight end? Owen Daniels scored twice against the Steelers. Greg Olsen should be in for his usual 50-70 yards and probably a score here Olsen had 69 yards and a TD and was the #2 tight end that week

Jonathan Stewart/DeAngelo Williams- Did I forget to mention the Steelers can’t stop the run? Williams wasn’t in the box score and Stewart had 50 total yards, bad call

Bobby Rainey- If Doug Martin sits he will have a big game against a porous Falcons defense, he had a huge game against the Rams last week and if given the majority of the touches I expect it to continue Rainey had 105 total yards but 2 fumbles

Russell Wilson- Until he faces a good defense he is going to keep ending up with a good 14-18 points every game Wilson had was tied for the #5 QB that week

All your Saints- The Vikings are a giant mess and the Saints are desperate for a win in their home opener. Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas should be in line for more work after Mark Ingram broke his hand, and if the game gets out of hand early the Saints could go run heavy like the Patriots did last week. Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees are obvious names here and Brandin Cooks and Marques Colston should be considered as flexes or if you are thin at receiver Drew Brees was the #8 QB that week and Pierre Thomas was tied for the #14 RB that week, Brandin Cooks had 70ish yards, Colston had 25 yards and a TD and Khiry Robinson had 60ish yards, Jimmy Graham had 50ish yards

Niles Paul, Zach Ertz- I think both tight ends have good games this week. Both have looked good to start the season and I see no reason to slow down on either of them Paul was tied for the #12 Tight End that week and Ertz only had 1 fantasy point

Texans,Bengals D/ST- The Giants offense has quickly turned into a must start for fantasy defenses and the Bengals defense continues to play at a very high level, and will get a Titans team that scored 10 points against the Cowboys last week The Bengals finished as the #6 defense that week and the Texans got -1 fantasy point

Lose ‘Em

All Titans except Delanie Walker- They were all miserable except for him last week against the Cowboys and the Bengals are vulnerable against the TE as the Ravens proved in week 1. Shonn Greene had 33 yards and a TD and was the highest scoring Titan that week

All Steelers except Antonio Brown- The Panthers front 7 is still brutal, with or without Greg Hardy and the Steelers struggled mightily on offense against the Ravens, why wouldn’t a slightly better defense give them more problems? Le’Veon Bell finished as the #10 RB that week, the Defense and Kicker played well and Roethlisberger finished tied for the #16 QB that week

Eddy Lacy- 1 more week and then he is free to carve up the Bears and Vikings, but I don’t like him against what has been a stout Lions run defense that ranks #2 in the NFL, although it’s an upgrade from facing the #1 ranked rush defense last week Lacy crapped the bed and had 1 fantasy point, good call

Matt Forte- Speaking of the #1 ranked rush defense… Forte will have some opportunity to make up some ground in the passing game if he gets involved in that but it’s still a bad match-up Forte had 7 fantasy points that week

Frank Gore- The Cardinals run defense is legit too, top 5 in the NFL  Gore had 1 fantasy point that week

Terrence West, Isaiah Crowell- Don’t get cute, the Ravens defense is a big step up from the crappy Saints defense and ranked #8 against the run Crowell had 55 yards and a TD and West had 36 yards and a TD, bad call

Montee Ball- The Seahawks defense is still really good against the run too, in the top #10  and I had to put at least Bronco here Ball had one fantasy point, good call

Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree- Crabtree is going to be blanketed by Patrick Peterson all game and Kaepernick struggled against the Bears, I don’t see him bouncing back against a supereior Cardinals D Kaepernick was tied for the #8 QB that week and Crabtree was tied for the #12 WR that week, bad call

Andy Dalton- If AJ Green doesn’t play Dalton finished as the 10th worst QB that week with 11 points

James Jones- I know he has been good the last two weeks and a popular pick-up this week but I don’t like him facing Revis Island and a Patriots team that could rack up time of possession with their ground game if/when the game gets out of hand Jones had 43 yards, good call

Jason Witten- Because they don’t pass him the ball anymore Witten had 49 yards, good call

Steelers D/ST- Because they shouldn’t be owned The Steelers finished as the #4 defense that week, bad call



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