Fantasy Football Week 4 Use ’em or Lose ’em

It’s time for this week’s Use ’em or Lose ’em and with the bye weeks kicking off this weekend things are going to start to get rough. So let’s try and sort through the crap and find some diamonds in the rough

Use ‘Em


Matthew Stafford(vs Jets)- Did you know that through three games opponents have averaged 37 passing attempts per game against the Jets? This is a product of two things, their NFL best rush defense and their crappy cornerbacks. Matthew Stafford should have a good game chucking the ball 37+ times to Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate the tight end platoon(Erib Ebron, Joseph Fauria, Brandon Pettigrew) and Reggie Bush/Joique Bell in this one Stafford was the #6 QB that week, good call

Kirk Cousins(vs Giants)- 45 points fantasy points in two games isn’t shabby at all. He should be able to take advantage of the Giants bad passing defense like Matthew Stafford did(but Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t) and put up another good start for owners Cousins was a bottom 5 QB that week, bad call

Eli Manning (vs Washington) – On the other side of that same game Eli Manning should have a good game as well. Washington has a horrendous secondary that just lost it’s best player(DeAngelo Hall) for the year with a torn ACL. Washington also has the 3rd best run defense in the NFL which force the Giants to pass a little more than they would like. As long as Eli Manning doesn’t implode(which he is more than capable of) he should be a quality start this week Manning led the week at QB, good call

Phillip Rivers(vs Jaguars)- It’s the Jaguars, Rivers should be a top 5 play this week Rivers was the #4 QB that week, good call

Teddy Bridgewater(vs Falcons)- He should be considered the best emergency fill in if you have Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning on bye this week. The Falcons are worse on the road and I still think their defense is susceptible to giving up loads of yards. Bridgewater gives me more confidence than Matt Cassell and should be a fringe top 15 play this week Bridgewater was the #9 QB that week, good call


Lamar Miler (vs Oakland)- The Raiders are second to last in the NFL against the run giving up over 150 yards per game. Miller looked really strong against the Chiefs last week, gaining 108 yards on just 15 carries. If he gets the 20-25 carries he deserves this week he should be easily be a top 10 play if not higher Miller finished as the #6 RB that week, good call

CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson (vs Houston)- the Texans can’t stop the run and Buffalo would love a chance to get back to the heavy run style they like after having EJ Manuel attempt 39 passes last week to just 22 team carries. I like Spiller more than Jackson(he is better on the road) but think both are top 15 plays at running back this week Both finished tied as the #23 RB that week and were solid flex plays with 8 points each

Donald Brown (vs Jacksonville)- No Ryan Matthews, no Danny Woodhead and a delicious match-up against the league worst run defense in the Jaguars? He had 31 carries last week as the Chargers were up early, he could be in line for 25+ again against a crappy defense making Brown a must start this week Browns finished with 4 fantasy points, bad call

Trent Richardson, Ahmad Bradshaw (vs Tennessee)- The Bengals scored 3 rushing TD’s against them last week, and DeMarco Murray ripped them for 167 yards the week for that(and the Cowboys as a whole had 220 yards rushing against them). This game could get ugly quick for the Titans like it did last week and I see startable games for both Bradshaw and Richardson  Richardson finished the week as the #8 RB, good call


Alshon Jeffery (vs Packers)- Brandon Marshall is clearly more banged up than Jeffery is, as was seen Monday night. Jeffery led the team with 13 targets for 8 catches and 105 yards and I expect him to be the focal point of the passing game this week as well. Jeffery was tied for the #21 WR that week

Michael Crabtree (vs Eagles)- The Eagles are ranked 30th in the NFL against the pass and Crabtree has firmly established himself as the #1 on the 49ers pass attack. I expect him to be able to exploit the Eagles and crack the top 10 this week Crabtree had 4 fantasy points,bad call

Steve Smith Sr. (vs Panthers)- I’m buying his revenge game, just like I should have bought DeSean Jackson’s revenge game last week Steve Smith Sr. tied for the #1 WR that week in his revenge game

Brandin Cooks (vs Cowboys)- I think he should have a good game against the Cowboys, who gave up a big play to Brian Quick last week. Cooks is the Saints receiver you want this week, Dallas has been burned by slot receivers for a while now and Cooks led the Saints in targets last week and could again Sunday. Cooks had 3 fantasy points, bad call

Greg Jennings (vs Falcons)- He had a productive game last week(5 catches for 70 yards on 8 targets) and seemed to connect with Teddy Bridgewater. If he continues to lead the team in targets he should be a surprise top 25 play with a plus match-up against the Falcons Jennings was tied for the #31 WR that week


Jimmy Graham (vs Cowboys)- the Cowboys have been skewered by the tight end through three weeks, giving up 36 targets 27 catches 290 yards and 4 TD’s. Jimmy Graham should have a monster game against them. Also it’s really ugly at tight end this week Graham was the #6 TE that week


Detroit Lions (vs Jets)- They are elite against the run and should force Geno Smith to pass a lot, which should lead to turnover and sack opportunities The Lions were the #10 D/ST that week

Colts (vs Titans)- If the Titans are as pathetic as last week the Colts D/ST should have a good day The Colts were the #6 D/ST that week, good call

Lose ‘Em


Cam Newton (vs Ravens)- He didn’t look good against a lesser defense in Pittsburgh last week and could struggle again(and get pulled for safety). There are better match-ups out there this week Newton was tied for the #20 QB that week, good call

Matt Ryan (vs Vikings)- not a fan of Ryan on the road Ryan was tied for the #12 QB that week

Ryan Fitzpatrick (vs Bills)- not a fan of Ryan Fitzpatrick in general Fitzpatrick was tied for the #20 QB that week, good call


Reggie Bush, Joique Bell (vs Jets)- The Jets run defense is brutal. They have shut down Eddy Lacy and Matt Forte and should shut down Bell and Bush too. They will continue to make problems for fantasy owners whose running backs match up against them Bush had 5 fantasy points and Bell had 3 fantasy points, good call

Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson (vs Lions)- The Lions defense is right behind the Jets defense in stopping the run. They are also giving up less than 3 yards per carry and have given up less than 200 yards through 3 games. Ivory finished tied as the #21 RB that week and Johnson finished tied as the #13 RB that week, bad call

Arian Foster (vs Bills)- He is banged up and facing a top 10 run defense, he is a stay away this week Foster had 5 points that week, good call

Doug Martin (vs Steelers)- I gotta see it before I believe it. Martin has been hurt and outplayed by Bobby Rainey(yes including last game) so far this year and I wouldn’t start him without seeing signs of life first Martin finished tied as the #13 RB that week, bad call


Andre Johnson (vs Bills)- Ryan Fitzpatrick might be the end of him. He looks for DeAndre Hopkins for the big play and severely limits Johnson’s upside. He should be considered a WR3 for this game and going forward Johnson had 5 fantasy points that week, good call

Vincent Jackson (vs Steelers)- 10 catches 102 yards and a TD. That is V-Jax stat-line through three weeks. He can’t be trusted in fantasy until he proves he is going to play better than that Jackson was tied for the #21 WR that week

Keenan Allen (vs Jaguars)- He gets his points early in this one or he is likely to have another quiet game in what should be a blowout. I can forgive his struggles more than Johnson or Jackson because he has faced Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson in two of his first three games. Allen was tied for the #10 WR that week, bad call

T.Y Hilton, Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks (vs Titans)- I think this game gets out of hand early which leads to a lot more running than passing. These three have cannibalized each other to the brink of fantasy irrelevance and with the tight ends scoring the TD’s I am staying away from all of them until the situation changes. Wayne was the #7 WR that week, Hilton was tied for the #16 receiver and Nicks had 1 fantasy point, bad call


Antonio Gates (vs Jaguars)- Love the match-up on paper but hate the uncertainty about his role in the offense after he was an afterthought against the Bills. Much like Keenan Allen if he doesn’t get his points early I am not sure there will be points to be had as the game becomes more lopsided. Gates had 3 fantasy points that week, good call

Jason Witten (vs Saints) He isn’t a top 12 Tight End anymore and the Saints have limited tight ends to 16 targets 11 catches 92 yards and a TD through 3 games. Look for a better option Witten was tied for the #14 TE that week

Charles Clay (vs Raiders)- He has 79 yards through 3 games. The Dolphins should use a ground heavy game plan to attack the league’s second to worst rush defense anyway. If you are fine with 2-4 points from your tight end by all means Clay is your guy. Clay had 3 fantasy points that week, good call

Greg Olsen (vs Ravens)- You aren’t benching him if you have him(because TE is super thin this week) but it’s not a great match-up either. The Ravens have limited tight ends to 17 targets for 10 catches 111 yards and a lost fumble. Olsen had 3 fantasy points that week, good call


Texans (vs Bills)- I don’t think this is a good match-up for them. They are weak against the run and CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson should be able to capitalize on that for a good game. The Texans were the #5 D/ST that week, bad call

Falcons (vs Vikings)- I think the Vikings show signs of life in this game and put up points against the Falcons The Falcons were the last place D/ST that week, great call



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