Week 5 Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Sorry for the delay, things have been a little hectic this week but here I am ready to give you this week’s players you need in and out of your line up!

Use ‘Em


Joe Flacco (vs Colts)- I actually really like Flacco in this game. The Colts defense is bad, it just hasn’t been tested in two weeks. Flacco just lit up the Panthers last week and I expect to see plenty of attempts in what I think turns into a shootout this week. He should be able to exploit the Colts with both Steve and Torrey Smith into a big game. Flacco had 7 fantasy points, really bad call

Phillip Rivers (vs Jets)- You have to throw the ball against the Jets. They have given up 9 passing TD’s to 0 interceptions and are allowing 36.5 pass attempts a game. Rivers lit up the Jaguars last week and is in on a hot streak, ride him through this week as well while he puts up mega numbers Rivers was the #4 QB that week, good call

Ben Roethlisberger (vs Jaguars)- It’s the Jaguars, I expect him to have his second big game in a row against a Florida team.  Roethlisberger had 12 fantasy points, bad call

Russel Wilson (vs Washington)- I have him as a top 5 play this week and he could easily lead the week for QB’s. Eli Manning looked legendary against Washington last week, I think Wilson exploits all the holes in their defense on his way to a huge game Monday night. Wilson was the #1 QB that week and tied for the lead scorer of the week in all positions, good call

Eli Manning (vs Atlanta)- Atlanta can’t stop the pass period. Also Eli Manning seems to have hit a stride the last few games and is in rhythm with his receivers. Eli was tied for the #13 QB that week

RB (I missed on every player in this section, all had less than 10 fantasy points that week…)

Rashad Jennings (vs Atlanta)- Atlanta can’t stop the run period.

Reggie Bush (vs Bills)- With Joique Bell out, he should get all of the work this weekend and take advantage of the extra touches into extra fantasy points.

Giovanni Bernard (vs Patriots)- Did you see what the Chiefs and especially Jamaal Charles did to the Patriots? Giovanni Bernard is a similar player and has played well so far this year and should have similar results.

LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles (vs Rams)- I think Chip Kelly makes it a priority to re-establish the running game this week after getting away from it the last two weeks. Everything in Philadelphia starts with the run and I think we see that this week with McCoy and Sproles both having productive days

Doug Martin- He isn’t DeMarco Murray but he should still have running room against an awful Saints defense


Steve Smith Sr. (vs Colts)- He is a top 10 receiver thus far in the season and should be treated as such. This is a plus match-up against  a bad Colts defense that has been on cruise control the last two weeks against the Jaguars and Titans, expect Smith to test them and have another big week this week. Smith Sr. had one fantasy point, very bad call

Golden Tate (vs Bills)- If Calvin Johnson serves as a decoy like last week, or if he is still hobbling around out there Sunday, Tate should be considered a strong second receiver or a super flex. He proved that last week when he caught 8 balls for 116 yards. Tate was the #5 WR that week, good call

Keenan Allen, Eddie Royal (vs Jets)-  Rivers distributed the ball to both of these guys last weeks and should have the attempts to do so this week too. The Jets secondary has been getting torched all season and I expect both of these guys to have big days again. They had 6 fantasy points, combined. Very bad call

DeAndre Hopkins (vs Dallas)- He has surpassed Andre Johnson and has become the go-to receiver with Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB, he should be a top 15 receiver the rest of the way. Hopkins had 6 fantasy points, bad call

Percy Harvin (vs Washington)- The Washington secondary is horrendous, Doug Baldwin is also a good start here but I think the Seahawks will have unique ways to get Harvin involved in exploiting the Washington defense. He had 3 TD’s called back by penalty, technically a bad call but come on

Brain Quick (vs Eagles)- People may have forgotten about Quick because he was on bye last week. He is only leading the team in targets and should get plenty more against a bad Eagles secondary. He is a strong play here and should be a top 15 play this week Quick was the #4 WR that week, great call

Vincent Jackson (vs Saints)- He has two touchdowns in the last two weeks(both from Mike Glennon) and I think he makes that three straight games with a TD against a susceptible Saints defense Jackson was tied as the#9 WR that week, good call


Julius Thomas (vs Arizona)- Arizona is week against the tight end and Demaryius Thomas should be blanketed so I think Julius Thomas goes off and has a monster game here. Thomas tied for the #2 TE that week, good call

Heath Miller (vs Jaguars)- He is picking up steam as the season progresses(more receiving yards in every game this season) and a match-up against the Jaguars is always a good reason to give a guy a start Miller had 4 fantasy points, bad call

Greg Olsen (vs Bears)- He scores every other week and this is that week, I also think this match-up should be more competitive for the Panthers and Olsen should see more targets and get back to his normal stat line in this one. Olsen was the #1 TE that week, good call


Seahawks (vs Washington)- Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not true. Kirk Cousins looked like his confidence had been rattled irreparably against the Giants Thursday night, and the Seattle offense will force Washington to abandon what I suspect will be a run heavy game plan at some point. Then there will be turnovers and sacks for the Seahawks to feast on. Had 2 fantasy points, bad call

Lions (vs Bills)- Whether it’s EJ Manuel or Kyle Orton the Bills will struggle to throw the ball, and there will be sacks and turnovers to  be had. The Lions also boast the top defense in the NFL in terms of total yards, 2nd in pass yards allowed per game, 6th in running yards allowed per game and 4th in points allowed per game, so yeah they should be a good start against Kyle Orton and the Bills. Was the #9 D/ST that week, good call

Browns (vs Titans)- The Titans offense stinks and the Browns should be able to capitalize and take advantage for a quality start. Had 3 fantasy points, bad call

 Lose ‘Em


Tony Romo (vs Texans)- This should be a run heavy game and I don’t think there will be a lot of yards to be gained here, if he doesn’t throw multiple TD’s he will have a very bad fantasy day. Romo was tied for the #10 QB that week, bad call

Tom Brady (vs Bengals)- Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not true Brady was the #7 QB that week, bad call

Andy Dalton (vs Patriots)- I’m not thrilled about the match-up for Dalton. The Patriots did just get torched by the Chiefs but Dalton is a more traditional passer who locks in on his receiver and doesn’t bode well under pressure. New England could generate some pressure and disrupt him and I don’t think he has a good game here. Dalton was the #12 QB that week, bad call

Kirk Cousins (vs Seahawks) – Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not true part 2 Cousins was the #9 QB that week, bad call

Cam Newton (vs Bears)- His rushing totals have fallen off a cliff, just 8 carries for 33 yards through 4 games. You didn’t draft Cam for his passing points in fantasy you drafted him because his rushing totals provided a high floor for him game to game and an even higher ceiling when Carolina utilized him as the goal line back. As long as he isn’t running he is going to end up on this list every week, there is a reason he is outside the top 20 at QB so far in the season. Newton was tied for the #18 QB that week, good call


Donald Brown (vs Jets)- He was a massive disappointment last week in a good match-up and now he gets the #1 ranked rush defense in the NFL? No thanks Brown had 2 fantasy points that week, good call

Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen (vs Bengals)- they were incredibly poor against the Chiefs last week and I don’t expect things to get better against a tough Bengals defense Ridley was tied for the #7 RB that week and Vereen was tied for the #19 RB that week, bad call

Trent Richardson (vs Ravens)- After having his best fantasy day as Colt I would avoid Richardson this week. The Ravens are ranked 7th against the run and Richardson won’t have plenty of junk time to pad his stats in this one. He should be back to the old terrible Trent Richardson in this one. Richardson had 4 fantasy points that week, good call

Montee Ball (vs Cardinals)- It’s still going to be rough for Ball if he doesn’t score a TD. He is facing the 4th ranked rush defense in the NFL in the Cardinals and he shouldn’t be expected to have a great game by any means. Ball had one fantasy point that week, good call

CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson (vs Lions)- Read above about the Lions really good defense Jackson was tied for the #17 RB that week and Spiller was a bust with just 2 fantasy points that week


Demaryius Thomas (vs Cardinals)- He hasn’t lived up to his lofty pre-draft expectations and I don’t think he is in line for a big game while being shadowed by Patrick Peterson all day. He was the #1 WR and was tied for the leading scorer amongst all players, terrible call

Andre Johnson (vs Cowboys)- DeAndre Hopkins has eaten into enough of his production that his rendered him nearly useless. He was never a big TD player but now that he isn’t guaranteed his 80+ yards a game he has fallen off a cliff outside of the top 25 receivers. It doesn’t help that Dallas will dominate the time of possession in this game with their ground attack giving him less chances to get those yards. Johnson had 5 fantasy points, good call

Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson (vs Seattle)- They aren’t reliable to begin with and I especially don’t like them against Seattle. Jackson was the #2 WR that week and Garcon had 2 fantasy points, split call

Larry Fitzgerald (vs Denver)- He has been just a name thus far in the season, I need to see it first before I believe it. Fitzgerald had 5 fantasy points that week, good call


Vernon Davis (vs Chiefs)- I don’t trust him until he is healthy again, he is a risk to leave the game and not return and his production is hampered by his injury, a clear stay away Davis didn’t have any fantasy points, good call

Zach Ertz (vs Rams)- If you think he scores play him, I don’t think he scores this week as the Eagles try to re-establish their running game Ertz had 3 fantasy points, good call


Panthers (vs Bears)- If you haven’t already dropped them go ahead and do it, they aren’t going to have a good game against the Bears high flying offense Were the #3 D/ST that week, bad call

Patriots (vs Bengals)- I expect the train wreck to continue here against a fresh Bengals team. Play them at your own risk Were the #6 D/ST that week, bad call

Ravens, Colts (vs each other)- They were both good plays last week but I expect both defenses to have problems this week. Neither has played a quality offense in a few weeks and will this week, which will expose each defense differently. The Colts were the #5 D/ST and the Ravens were the #12 D/ST, double bad call


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