Fantasy Football Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em for Week 6

Use ‘Em


Matt Ryan- He plays the Bears this week at home, repeat at home. Matt Ryan has scored 53 fantasy points in his two home games. I expect him to score at least 20 points in what I suspect to be a shootout against a below average Bears defense.

Jay Cutler- Speaking of the Bears, I think Cutler has a big game here against the Falcons. Cutler has been very consistent through the first 5 weeks in fantasy and finds himself a weekly starter despite match-up, this however is a great match-up for him. Atlanta’s defense is bad and he should be able to exploit it for a big day.

Eli Manning- The Eagles defense is ranked 29th in the NFL against the pass and has given up 13 passing TD’s in their five games this season. With Rashad Jennings being injured, Eli should throw a little more than usual and he should be able to take advantage of all his weapons(Victor Cruz, Reuben Randle, Odell Beckham Jr and Larry Donnell) to have himself another good fantasy day.


Matt Forte- The Atlanta defense is currently ranked 28th in the NFL against the run and has surrendered a whopping 10 rushing TD’s through their first 5 games! That’s an average of 2 TD’s on the ground a game, and I think that Matt Forte should  be able to torch them on the ground and he will grab his usual 5+ catches and make great use of them. There is a reason he is my #1 RB for the week

Lamar Miller- Speaking of bad run defenses, coming in dead last in that category is Miller’s opponent, the Packers. They are giving up a ridiculous 163 yards a game on the ground. Miller should be started with confidence, I’m not worried about Knowshon Moreno cutting into his workload this week(probably next week though).

Steven Jackson- He got involved in the passing game last week(5 catches for 37 yards) and gets the most usage of any of the Falcons running backs. The Bears can be had at in the running game(although they aren’t the abomination they were last year).  I think he scores here and has about 60-80 total yards making for a good game.


Golden Tate- He has played wonderfully with decoy Calvin Johnson the last two weeks. I am not one of the people who thinks he slows down with Johnson probably missing this week’s game. As long as Tate is getting the bulk of the targets in the offense I think he is a top 12 receiver.

Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall- Remember how I thought Jay Cutler has a good game? He’s throwing to these guys who should make easy work of the Falcons secondary

Reuben Randle-  As I wrote in my Waiver Wire piece for this week, he has been getting loads of targets. The Eagles pass defense is terrible(mentioned above) and I think he has a very good chance of putting up good numbers and I bet he scores in this game

Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown(if Carson Palmer plays)- Washington’s secondary is terrible and were lucky they had two passing TD’s called back on penalty last week. If Palmer plays I think each guy should be considered for your line-up. Floyd first then Fitzgerald then Brown.


Martellus Bennett- I am all in on the Bears this week

Delanie Walker- He should be able to take advantage of the Jaguars, who have given up 45 targets 32 catches 370 yards and 5 TD’s to tight end’s this year. That’s and average of 9 targets a little over 6 catches 74 yards and a TD per week. They have given up a TD in every game expect one to a tight end(Chargers) and I think this game should be competitive and the Titans should get Walker plenty of targets as usual.

Dwayne Allen- He just keeps scoring touchdowns. That’s a TD in each one of his last 4 games and I think you should ride Allen until it ends.


49ers- I think they beat the Rams in a slugfest Monday night and their defense should play a big part in that.

Chargers- They have been good the last two weeks, ride them against Matt McGloin/Matt Shaub, whoever the Raiders play at QB

Lose ‘Em


Cam Newton- I told you he is going to be here every week until he starts rushing. The match-up against a Bengals team looking to avenge their embarrassing loss to the Patriots, at home no less, makes Cam a really bad play this week.

Austin Davis- Don’t get cute. We will see how he fares the 49ers and Seahawks these next two weeks and then we can really evaluate Austin Davis. It’s not worth the risk he puts up a clunker to start him this week.

Matthew Stafford- I don’t feel confident about Stafford without Calvin Johnson playing, even if he was just a decoy the last two weeks. He locks in one receiver and makes a lot of boneheaded errors and he is getting a Vikings team that has had a long time to prepare for this game.


Matt Asiata- Detroit’s rushing defense(and defense in general) is really good. I don’t think Asiata is worth more than an average flex if he doesn’t score, and I don’t think he scores this week.

Doug Martin- Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate. He just sucks, can Bobby Rainey take the starting job already? Doesn’t help that the Ravens are a top 10 team against the run.

CJ Spiller- He just isn’t getting the workload that makes him worth starting unless it’s a premium match-up. Fred Jackson splits the carries with him and takes almost all of the receiving work out of the backfield.

Zac Stacy- I don’t like the match-up, and I like it even less since he is banged up from last week. Stacy has been an underwhelming RB2 so far this season and unless he has a good match-up should probably be a stay away.


Dez Bryant- He is the kind of receiver the Seahawks are good at covering(not so much DeSean Jackson). They take away the big physical receiver on the other team so well. I am not saying to necessarily bench Dez, but you should be cautious about this match-up.

Kelvin Benjamin- The ups and downs of rookie receivers right? He played poorly last week despite getting a gob of targets(11 to be exact) and losing a fumble. Now he gets a tough game against a pissed off Bengals team? No thanks

Andre Johnson- He is injured and hasn’t been playing all that great to begin with. This is an easy sit for me, if he goes off he goes off but it’s as random as him going off in any game this season, which feels like it’s never going to happen.

Keenan Allen- He got hurt last week and didn’t play a lot after the nasty hit he took. I expect the Chargers to have a little bit of a let down game against the Raiders too. They lost in Oakland last year(playing in Oakland this week), and this game has some “trap game” potential. They play the teams that matter in their division(KC and Denver) in consecutive weeks after facing Oakland this week.

Michael Crabtree- Don’t know what his health is going to be and he hasn’t played well injured. I would find another option until he gets back to full health, also their is trap game potential here with their showdown with the Broncos looming next week.

Cordarrelle Patterson- He deserves to rot on your bench(or drop him if you want) until he proves he can be an asset to your team.


Vernon Davis- Another injured 49er I don’t want any part of this week.

Antonio Gates- 8, 27, 0, 3, 18. These are Antonio Gates point totals through the first 5 weeks of the season. They look completely random right? That’s because they are. He put up 27 against the Seahawks in what should have been a bad match-up and then squandered a good match-up against Jacksonville by scoring just 3 points. I have no idea what he will do against the Raiders this week, but for what it’s worth he had 116 yards and 0 TD’s against them last year. That unreliability makes me think Gates is a stay away this week. Of all the players on this list I think he has the best chance of making me eat crow.

Tim Wright- I don’t trust any fringe Patriots players as a general rule, Wright won’t be the exception. He might line up all game and have another good week just like last week, or he might have 2 catches for 7 yards. You just don’t know with the Patriots.


Bears- Their game against the Falcons should be a shootout

Texans- I think Andrew Luck and the Colts tear them up and remind everyone that the Texans have beaten RG3, EJ Manuel and Derek Carr while losing to real QB’s like Eli Manning and Tony Romo.


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