Fantasy Football Week 6 Wide Receiver Rankings

Due to the unknown severity of AJ Green’s injury I don’t have him ranked. If he plays I would have him as a top 10 play against Carolina, probably right after the Bears receivers

1. Demaryius Thomas (vs Jets)
2. Julio Jones (vs Bears)
3. Antonio Brown (vs Browns)
4. Jordy Nelson (vs Dolphins)
5. Golden Tate (vs Vikings)
6. Alshon Jeffery (vs Falcons)
7. Brandon Marshall (vs Falcons)
8. Emmanuel Sanders (vs Jets)
9. Randall Cobb (vs Dolphins)
10. Dez Bryant (vs Seattle)
11. Steve Smith Sr. (vs Tampa Bay)
12. Jeremy Maclin (vs Giants)
13. Vincent Jackson (vs Ravens)
14. Victor Cruz (vs Eagles)
15. Mike Wallace (vs Packers)
16. DeSean Jackson (vs Cardinals)
17. Roddy White (vs Bears)
18. DeAndre Hopkins (vs Colts)
19. Reggie Wayne (vs Texans)
20. Percy Harvin (vs Cowboys)
21. Brian Quick (vs 49ers)
22. T.Y Hilton (vs Texans)
23. Reuben Randle (vs Eagles)
24. Pierre Garcon (vs Cardinals)
25. Michael Floyd (vs Washington)
26. Sammy Watkins (vs Patriots)
27. Julian Edelman (vs Bills)
28. Kendall Wright (vs Jaguars)
29. Larry Fitzgerald (vs Washington)
30. Kelvin Benjamin (vs Bengals)


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