Fantasy Football Week 11 Waiver-Wire Pick-Ups

We are in week 11 of the NFL season! It’s a bittersweet moment for many. Football has gotten through it’s early season lumps and is prime form and there were a bunch of great games over the weekend. For some, it’s bitter knowing for their fantasy(and real life) teams are doomed and won’t make the playoffs, for others whose teams are thriving they are more than happy about it. As we enter this portion of the fantasy season there aren’t many new faces that will show up on the waiver wire that are obvious pick-ups. There are going to be a lot of familiar faces that you may be lucky enough to grab while your league-mates left that player in the waiver pool, Or there is an injured/suspended player sitting in free agency who you can jump on and helps improve your team not only down the stretch but possibly into your playoff run. Nevertheless I’m going to chug through and list the players owners should take a look at heading into this week.

The “Duh” Pick-Ups

Jordan Matthews- He one of two guys I could think to put here. He had 40 yards and a TD in week 9 before busting out against the Panthers to the tune of 7 catches for 138 yards and 2 TD’s. If he can maintain his spot as the #2 receiving option(or even begin to challenge Maclin as the #1)  then he will be a sneaky good late pick-up going forward.

Mychal Rivera – He has come to life the last 3 weeks with 21 catches for 185 yards and three TD’s. If you need tight end help he is a guy who has earned his spot in fantasy relevance.

Grab ’em while they’re hot

Martavis Bryant, Mike Evans, Denard RobinsonOdell Beckham Jr. – I have written about all of these guys before and you know what you are getting from them(but if you don’t click the link). If they are still available in your league grab them.

Brandin Cooks- He has come back to relevance after to big games split by a crappy game. He is high risk, high reward and could be available in your league if someone gave up on him earlier in the year.

Wait he’s not injured anymore?

Robert Griffin- He plays in a loaded offense that every QB on the roster has found fantasy success with. He played acceptably against the Vikings and the schedule gets easier coming off the bye with Tampa up next, the Colts and Rams and one game apiece against the division(the 49ers are the tough game). For owners that just lost Nick Foles and Carson Palmer(and who are giving up on Andy Dalton) Griffin looks to be the best available option at QB that is out there in leagues(followed by Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater and Alex Smith in that order).

Rashad Jennings- He’s coming back this week or next week and his remaining schedule is cake with the Jaguars, Titans, Rams and the one game apiece against the division. (outside of the 49ers this week). He was a nice surprise for owners to drafted him in the later rounds before he got hurt. He has been dropped in a bunch of leagues due to the length of his injury and the fact that it happened during the bye weeks.

Ryan Matthews- We haven’t seen Matthews since waaaaaay back in week 2 when he injured himself. He was a workhorse down the stretch last season and I think he has a good shot at doing that again this year. Branden Oliver should slide into the Danny Woodhead role and Matthews should be backed up by Donald Brown. If you are desperate for running backs you could give Matthews a shot.

Fred Jackson- I am all in on Jackson. If you can pick him up you should definitely do it. He had a poor showing last week against Kansas City but he wasn’t even expected to play that game. His next two match-ups are tough(Dolphins and Jets) but after that it’s smooth sailing with a schedule of Cleveland, Denver, Green Bay, New England and Oakland. Neither Bryce Brown or Anthony Dixon has played all that well in his absence and CJ Spiller is done for the year meaning the job should be all his.

Oh yeah I forgot about him

Terrance West- He has re-emerged onto the fantasy landscape as a true “Fantasy Zombie”. We all thought West was left for dead and 3rd in the pecking order in the Browns backfield behind Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell. But there he is! Thursday night grabbing 94 yards and a TD on 26 carries! Due to Tate’s struggles and Crowell never establishing himself any farther than the #2 on the depth chart it’s very possible West is the Browns running back you want, if you want a Browns running back that is.

Anquan Boldin- Quietly Boldin has established himself as the 49er receiver you want in fantasy. He has had 90 yards and a TD the last two weeks and has been very consistent before then. He hasn’t had a game with less than 50 yards receiving since week 4. If he can keep tacking on more TD’s to go with his steady yardage totals Boldin should finish the year strong.

Brandon LaFell-I get it you dropped him because of the bye week, or you never totally bought in to LaFell and think that Julian Edelman reclaims his role as the Patriots receiver you want. You can think that all you want but I am going to go after the guy that has 5 TD’s 2 100 yard games and only one game under 50 yards receiving since week 3.

Torrey Smith- The “other” Smith, since Steve Smith came to the Ravens. I am of the belief that Steve Smith gave his all leading up to and during his revenge came against the Panthers and isn’t going to consistently reach that level of production again this season. He has had only one 10+ point fantasy game since the Panthers game and that was the Buccaneers game where everyone was catching TD’s. Since that Panthers game Torrey Smith has scored in 4 out of the Ravens 6 games and has had 10+ points in every game with a TD(his other games were a big fat zero and 30 whatever yards). Torrey Smith is the Ravens receiver you want, and I know a lot you people gave up on him early in the season.

The all or nothing

Adrian Peterson/Josh Gordon – You know these guys are match-winners and can give you a potential top 5 player at their position, if/when they come back, if/when they get to that level again.

What a mess

CJ Anderson- He had a massive game last week out of nowhere! He had 163 yards and a TD(on an insane run after the catch) on only 17 carries! He looks to have established himself as the feature back in…. oh wait. The problem with adding Anderson is the total uncertainty about the Broncos backfield. Anderson is the hot hand but Montee Ball is supposed to return this week and Ronnie Hillman is still hanging around adding even more confusion. Anderson is a great speculative add but I’m dubious that he will be the lone back in the Broncos offense going forward


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