NFL Week 16 Picks Against the Spread

It’s the final two weeks of the NFL season! It’s a bittersweet moment but it’s been an eventful season and there is still a lot to be decided and picks to be made. After going 9-7 last week my record on the season is 107-116 against the spread. As usual spreads are

Saturday Games

Eagles -8 OVER @Washington- Washington has a homefield disadvantage and Philly should blow them out here as the Snyder’s continue to stumble.

Chargers +1 OVER @49ers- The 49ers offense looks horrific. They haven’t scored 20 points in a game since their win against the Saints in overtime a month and a half ago. I don’t really like the Chargers but I think they find a way to win this game.

Sunday Early Games

Detroit -8.5 OVER @Chicago- This line almost seems too low now that Jimmy Clausen has been named the starter for the Bears. The Bears are another team with homefield disadvantage. What is homefield disadvantage you ask(you don’t ask but I’ll explain anyway)? Homefield disadvantage only happens when a team that used to be really good in a big market (only super bowl winners) sucks horribly and hopelessly so much that their fans can’t wait to turn on the team(the current Knicks team has homecourt disadvantage).

Minnesota +6.5 OVER @Miami – The Vikings are spread warriors. They have won 4 straight games against the spread and should extent that team against a mediocre Miami team that shouldn’t be favored by this many points.

Kansas City +3 OVER @Pittsburgh – This feels like a Steelers letdown game, which I thought was going to happen last week but is going to happen this week or next week. It’s going to happen. You don’t lose to the Jets and Buccaneers and waltz into the playoffs

Baltimore -5 OVER @Houston- You can’t throw Tom Savage out there and expect anything, especially not against a playoff bound Ravens team.

Green Bay -11.5 OVER @Tampa Bay- Easy win part one

New England -10.5 OVER @NY Jets- Easy win part two

@Carolina -3.5 OVER Cleveland- Anything to keep the NFC South mega confusing, also did you see Johnny Manziel “play” last week? I put that in quotes because I don’t know if that was really quarterbacking last week.

Atlanta +6 OVER @New Orleans- Anything to make the NFC South more confusing part 2, also the Saints haven’t won at home since they beat the Packers on Sunday Night Football back in October(Week 8)

Sunday Afternoon Games

Buffalo -6 OVER @Oakland- Buffalo’s unlikely run to the playoffs continues with a win/cover in the black hole.

Indianapolis +3 OVER @Dallas- Dallas is 3-4 at home this year and haven’t won at home in 2 months, when they beat the Giants on October 19th. Indianapolis is looking to get out of their offensive funk and I think they slump-bust against the Cowboys in Big D.

@St.Louis -5.5 OVER NY Giants – I’m taking the Rams in a game which only exists to serve fantasy football.

Sunday Night Game

@Arizona +8 OVER Seattle- Arizona is 6-1 at home and the best team in the NFL against the spread at 10-4. I’m taking them and the 8 points in what should be a game dominated by defense.

Monday Night Game

Denver -3 OVER @Cincinnati- Primetime Peyton Manning against Primetime Andy Dalton is going to be a massacre. Primetime Manning is incredible and Primetime Andy Dalton tried to convince me I could be a starting NFL QB.


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