Fantasy Football Week 2 Use’em Lose’em

Use ‘Em


Matt Stafford- Roll with him while he’s hot. He torched the Colts last week and now gets a paltry Titans team at home this week. He should finish as a top 10 fantasy QB this week (miss, Stafford was QB20 this week)

Derek Carr- He lit up the Saints bad defense and now he gets the Falcons bad defense at home. Like Stafford, another top 10 finish for Carr as well this week. (Hit, Carr was QB#4 this week)

Matt Ryan- The Raiders defense took a beating from the Saints last week too though. Ryan ended up having a good fantasy day against Tampa Bay because of the struggles in the running game and the volume he had. I think that’s going to be the case again this week and he’s a good streaming QB this week. (big hit, Ryan was the #2 QB and the #3 player overall)

Josh McCown/Joe Flacco- Speaking of good streaming QB’s. Josh McCown threw for 457 yards and two scores the last time he started against the Ravens. The Browns also just let Carson Wentz have a good game against them, so I see Flacco being a solid deep league option against them. (push Flacco was QB18 and McCown was QB22)

Eli Manning- The Saints remain a must start opponent for all fantasy QB’s. (big miss, Manning was QB23)

Blake Bortles- He looked pretty good against the Packers and now gets a great match-up against the Chargers, who just let Alex Smith of all people go off against them. (push Bortles was QB15 this week)


DeAngelo Williams- He’s a must start RB until Le’Veon Bell comes back (hit Williams was RB3 this week)

Spencer Ware- He did the full Jamaal Charles impression last week and should be a start going against Houston as well. (miss, Ware was RB23 this week)

Rashad Jennings- Saints defense is a must start against (big miss, outside the top 30 RB’s for the week)

Carlos Hyde- Denver was able to run the ball well against Carolina so I think Hyde has a better shot of doing that than people are giving him. (big miss, outside the top 30 RB’s for the week)

Latavius Murray- Atlanta’s defense is almost as bad as the Saints’ defense (hit, Murray was RB8 this week)

Danny Woodhead/Melvin Gordon- The Chargers will have to rely on their running backs more with Keenan Allen out and newcomers starting at both receiver slots. (miss on Woodhead due to injury and big hit on Gordon, who was RB5 this week)


Victor Cruz/Sterling Shepard- Obviously OBJ as well but that’s a given. Start everyone against the Saints. (hit with Shepard, who was WR23 this week and led all Giants receivers, and miss on Cruz, who was WR39 this week)

Mohammad Sanu- He played well last week and the Raiders got torched by both Willie Snead and Brandin Cooks last week. Julio Jones will get his but Sanu could be in line for another good week too.(massive miss, Sanu had 19 yards this week)

Amari Cooper/Michael Crabtree- The Falcons allowed 4 passing TD’s out of Jameis Winston last week. Carr is going to get his guys plenty of good looks this week too. (double miss, Crabtree was WR30 and Cooper was WR43 this week)

Brandin Cooks/Willie Snead- The Saints/Giants was a huge shootout last year, and coming off last week how can you take these guys out of your line-up? (miss on Cooks, who fell outside the top 25 this week and PUSH on Snead who was WR22 this week)

Jordan Matthews- Wentz looked for him often and with success last week(7 catches for 114 yards and a TD on 14 targets) and the Bears just got let Will Fuller go for 100+ yards and a TD on them(not to mention Hopkins scored too). (miss, Matthews was outside the top 30 WR’s)

Jeremy Kerley- He quietly led the 49ers in all receiving categories in Week 1 and could be a good deeper league play against the Carolina secondary. (Miss, Kerley had 29 yards)


Jason Witten- If Dak keeps throwing to him like that you gotta play him. Tight end is so thin right now I could see him having a top 10 week with 80ish yards. (miss, Witten was TE19 with 51 yards receiving this week)

Antonio Gates- He finds himself once again, as the Chargers best pass catcher due to injury. He’ll get his and maybe find the end zone this week (hit, Gates scored a TD and was TE14 this week))

Kyle Rudolph- Only Stefon Diggs was targeted more than Rudolph by Shaun Hill last week. The Packers got burnt by Julius Thomas last week and Rudolph could build on that with a good game this week. (hit Rudolph scored a TD and was TE10 this week)

Special Teams

Blair Walsh- The Viking stalled out on a bunch of drives last week, and I could see that being the case again this week with uncertainty at QB. (miss, Walsh was outside the top 10 Kickers for the week)

Rams D/ST- They always play Seattle tough and Miami just held the Seahawks to 12 points. (hit, they were D/ST11 this week and held Seattle to just 3 points)

Lions D/ST- The Vikings were able to create turnovers against the Titans last week and the Lions look to do the same. (push, they were D/ST14 this week and held the Titans to 16 points)

Steelers/Bengals D/ST- I think this is going to be a rock fight, like the games between them last year were. (double miss, The Bengals were D/ST19 and the Steelers were D/ST22 this week)

Lose ‘Em


Andrew Luck- Cam had a good fantasy day against the Broncos, but it was primarily due to him rushing for 54 yards and a TD. Andrew Luck has played the Broncos well in the past but I’m nervous about him taking a beating from Von Miller and company. (big hit, Luck was QB28 this week)

Russell Wilson- He’s banged up, the offensive line is bad and the Rams always get up to play the Seahawks. If you have him you’re starting him but I think he finished outside the top 12 at QB this week (understatement with a big hit, Wilson was QB25 this week)

Alex Smith- Last week was more of an aberration than a sign of things to come. Smith led all QB’s in attempts last week in a furious comeback against San Diego. If things go more according to plan for the Chiefs Smith won’t even have 30 attempts in this game. He’ll remain a high floor very low ceiling fantasy QB. (huge hit, Smith was a bottom 4 QB this week and scored under 5 points)


Eddy Lacy- The Vikings defense is stout against the run, and I don’t see Lacy getting on track here (big hit, Lacy had 50 rushing yards and that’s it)

Doug Martin- Legarrette Blount had a good game against the Cardinals, but Martin isn’t the same kind of RB as Blount. I don’t know if he will be able to overpower the Cardinals the way Blount did, so I am lowering my expectations for this week. (hit, due to Martin getting hurt)

Devonta Freeman- This is a mess already. If he isn’t getting the volume he’s not worth playing. (hit, he was RB19 and outscored by Tevin Coleman)


Sammy Watkins- He’s already hurt again and I just don’t see it this week. Tyrod Taylor struggled mightily against the Ravens, who aren’t even as good as the Jets. (big hit, Watkins finished outside the top 50 at WR)

Dez Bryant- He could blow up or he could get locked down by Josh Norman. The 5 targets last week is a real concern and I don’t trust him until he shows he can be the Dez of old. (hit, Dez finished outside the top 25 WR’s in standard scoring, despite having a good game)

Special Teams

Texans D/ST- The Chiefs owned them last time in the playoffs and I think they crush them again here. (big miss, the Texans D/ST were 4th best this week)

17 hits, 17 misses 6 pushes



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