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Week 7 NFL Picks Against the Spread

After going 6-9 last week I’m 39-53 on the year. Time to make or break or else I’m going to be worse than a coin flip.

Thursday Night Game

Bears +7.5 OVER @Packers

Sunday Morning Game

Giants -2.5 OVER Rams(in London)

Sunday 1:00 EST(God’s Time)


Saints +6.5 OVER @Chiefs

Vikings -2.5 OVER @Eagles

@Lions -1.5 OVER Redskins

@Bengals -9.5 OVER Browns

Raiders PICK OVER @Jaguars

Colts +3.5 OVER @Titans

Bills -3.5 OVER @Dolphins

Sunday Afternoon Games

Chargers +6.5 OVER @Atlanta

@49ers +1.5 OVER Tampa Bay

Patriots -7.5 OVER @Steelers

Sunday Night Game

Seattle +1.5 OVER @Arizona

Monday Night Game

Houston +7.5 OVER @Denver


Week 3 Picks Against the Spread

On twitter I picked the Patriots, so starting week 3 off with a win. All lines are from Delaware as usual. I’m 15-19 going into this week, but the first few weeks are always a bit rough.

Sunday 1:00 EST

Browns +9.5 OVER @Miami- The Dolphins should’t be favored by this many points. They put up good junk time second half stats last week but the game against the Patriots had already been decided early. Cleveland looked solid against the Ravens, but Josh McCown and Corey Coleman are both hurt and going to miss this game. I see Miami winning but I don’t see them blowing out Cleveland because of problems of their own.

@Panthers -7.5 OVER Vikings- The Panthers are going to take advantage of the crappy Vikings offensive line and should beat them. The Vikings could try and come back like the 49ers did last year to cover in the end but I don’t see it happening.

Detroit +7.5 OVER @Green Bay- Green Bay only beat the Jaguars by 5 points, what makes me thing they will beat the Lions by 8? They have a lot of problems of offense right now and I think Detroit beats them outright.

@Bengals -3.5 OVER Broncos- Let’s see Trevor Siemian play on the road.

Cardinals -4.5 OVER @Bills- The Bills are free falling and the Cardinals just tore apart Tampa Bay. The west coast team playing a  1:00 game on the East coast worries me a little bit but not enough to go with the Bills.

@Jaguars +1.5 OVER Ravens- Saying the Jaguars need this more sounds stupid but it’s true. They won’t come back from 0-3. Meanwhile the Ravens may be the good bad team of the AFC. They beat the Bills and Browns(after trailing 20-0 to the Browns) and I’m not really impressed.

@Titans -1.5 OVER Raiders- The west coast team playing in a east coast city at 1:00 gets me here. These are two young teams trying to figure things out. I think the Titans surprise a lot of people and get the win here.

Afternoon Games

49ers +9.5 OVER Seattle- This is the strangest line of the year for me so far. Seattle has scored just 15 points this season and is favored by 10. I’m not seeing it, and I think the bookmakers are giving them too much respect. The 49ers shut out the Rams two weeks ago, the same Rams team that held the Seahawks to 3 points last week.

Steelers -3.5 OVER @Eagles- The Steelers are a better team than the Eagles. It’s nice that Carson Wentz beat RG3 and then Jay Cutler/Brian Hoyer to get to 2-0 but this is his first real test in the NFL.

Jets +3.5 OVER @Kansas City- I feel like the Jets just played this game against the Bengals two weeks ago. It’s going to be a tight game between two of the better AFC teams and it’ll come down to the last possession. The Jets are a healthier team right now and that’s why I am going to go with them.

Chargers +2.5 OVER @Colts- The Colts are a train wreck right now and Phillip Rivers is going to roll them. Chargers should be favored in this game tbh.

@Tampa Bay -5.5 OVER Rams- The Rams still haven’t scored a TD this season.

Sunday Night Game

Bears +7.5 OVER @Dallas- The Bears won’t have Jay Cutler for this game but Dallas shouldn’t be favored by 7 in a Dak Presscott(who is yet to throw for a TD) vs Brian Hoyer match-up.

Monday Night

@Saints -2.5 OVER Atlanta- The Saints are due a win and they’ll get one here. They have lost both games this season by a combined total of 4 points.

Week 2 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Last week I got off to a rough start to the year, going 6-10 with last week’s picks. Week 1 is always rough though and it can only get better going forward. As usual the lines are using the Delaware lines.

Thursday Night Game

Jets PICK OVER @Bills- The Bills offense sputtered against the Ravens last week, scoring only 7 points. Meanwhile the Jets played the Bengals tough in what seemed like a playoff team between two really good team. Oh yeah and Sammy Watkins is hurt again. I think the Jets roll the Bills here and get their first win of the year HIT

Sunday Early Games 1:00 EST

@Lions -5.5 OVER Titans- The Lions offense grilled the Colts last week and they picked up a nice road win. The Titans imploded against the Shaun Hill led Vikings and gave up two TD’s to the Vikings defense. The Vikings didn’t score an offensive TD and the Titans shut down Adrian Peterson and they still lost. I’m rolling with the Lions, even though I think the line is slightly high. MISS

@Browns +6.5 OVER Ravens- If Josh McCown is the starter I’m buying the Browns. He beat the Ravens last year and threw for almost 400 yards against them. If anyone else starts I’m taking the Ravens HIT

Bengals +3.5 OVER @Steelers- Between these two teams, points come at a premium. The Bengals were seriously tested by the Jets last week and pulled off the win, while the Steelers rolled the Redskins. Both teams will get up for this game, with plenty of bad blood between them. I like the Bengals to take the division and that starts with getting a win here. MISS

@Carolina -13.5 OVER 49ers- The 49ers did this last year, crushing the Vikings in the Monday night opener last year, then promptly losing 18-43 to the Steelers the following week. Carolina had a tough loss against Denver(again) and will get back on track at home, where they were undefeated last year. HIT

@Washington -2.5 OVER Dallas- Washington is still winless against .500 teams or better in the “YOU LIKE THAT” era, but Dallas is a sub .500 team. Dak was super game manager in his debut against the Giants and Zeke Elliot was held in check too. The Steelers blew out the Skins in their home opener but Dallas isn’t that level of team. MISS

@Patriots -6.5 OVER Miami- I bet against the Patriots last week and won’t be doing it again. Miami played tough against Seattle last week, but I think that says more about the state of the Seahawks offense than Miami. HIT

Chiefs +2.5 OVER @Houston- Remember last year in the playoffs? Yeah. I don’t think the addition of Brock Osweiler will be the fix all for a team that was thoroughly dominated in all aspects of the game. The Chiefs will also be riding the momentum of winning without some of their players in dramatic fashion against the Chargers. MISS

Sunday Afternoon Games

Jaguars +3.5 OVER @San Diego- Frankly, San Diego shouldn’t be favored in this game. They lost Keenan Allen for the year(again) and are now 1-8 in their last nine home games(where because of the will they won’t they leave thing, it’s almost a home field disadvantage). The Jaguars played the Packers tough last week and this is my lock of the week. MISS

@Oakland -4.5 OVER Atlanta- The Falcons are a mess. They have no idea what they are doing at RB between Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman and their defense is atrocious. The Raiders showed gusto in going for two and getting the win in New Orleans last week in what was the best game of the weekend. I’m taking the Raiders to get to 2-0 against a sputtering Falcons team. MISS

Colts +6.5 OVER @Denver- The Colts seem to have Denver’s number. They have beaten them the last two times they played(last year in the regular season and the playoffs the year before). I think 6.5 points is a lot for Trevor Siemian. I’m not exactly sure how the Colts will do it, but I see them covering. MISS

@Rams +6.5 OVER Seattle- This game is a trap game for Seahawks year after year now and I see it happening again. Their offense looked crappy against a pretty bad Dolphins team, which exposed the problems on the Seattle offensive line. The Rams looked pathetic against the 49ers but they always get up for Seattle. HIT

@Arizona -6.5 OVER Tampa Bay- The Cardinals get back on track in this game. The Patriots threw them stuff they weren’t ready for but I see Tampa Bay having a hard time replicating the success they had against Atlanta in the desert. HIT

Sunday Night Game

Packers -2.5 OVER @Vikings- Aaron Rodgers vs Shaun Hill/Sam Bradford? The Vikings defense is great but if they don’t get anything out of Adrian Peterson this could get ugly quick. MISS

Monday Night Game

Eagles +3.5 OVER @Chicago- The Eagles defense is the best unit in this game and they will make it hard for Jay Cutler and company to get things going. I’m unsure if Carson Wentz will pro it as much as did against hapless Cleveland, but I don’t think he will struggle against the Bears defense that let Brock Osweiler look good last week.  HIT


NFL Week 1 Spread Picks

Football season is here! That means it’s time to show how bad of a gambler I would be if I actually put money on every game. I’m going to pick games every week against the spread, because picking teams without the spread is pretty pleb. Without further ado let’s get started.

9/4 8:35 ETAt Seattle-5.5 Green Bay

I’m taking the Seahawks at home, always take the Seahawks at home.

9/7 1:00 ETNew Orleans-3 At Atlanta

I’m taking the Saints, I think Atlanta might suck this year and the Saints are a juggernaut and I think they can easily beat the Falcons by more than 3 in their dome.

9/7 1:00 ETAt St. Louis-4 Minnesota

I’m taking the Vikings, I’ll take Matt Cassell and his supporting cast of an actual offense vs Shaun Hill and Zac Stacy with a bunch of receivers no one has ever heard of, both defenses are solid so that’s a wash.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Pittsburgh-6.5 Cleveland

I’m taking the Steelers, because I don’t believe in the Browns at all

9/7 1:00 ETAt Philadelphia-10 Jacksonville

I’m taking the Jaguars, because I don’t believe in the Eagles at all

9/7 1:00 ETAt NY Jets-5 Oakland

I’m taking the Jets, because they should beat the Raiders by at least a touchdown

9/7 1:00 ETAt Baltimore-1.5 Cincinnati

I’m taking the Ravens because they have gone 46-10 at home in the Harbaugh era, which amounts to a staggering 0.821 winning percentage at home

9/7 1:00 ETAt Chicago-6.5 Buffalo

My lock of the week, Chicago cruises to victory in this one by blowing out Buffalo.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Houston-2.5 Washington

I’m taking Washington, I think they can scrap together a win against the Texans.

9/7 1:00 ETAt Kansas City-4 Tennessee

I’m going to take the Chiefs, I think the home field advantage matters here and they take care of business and beat the Titans

9/7 1:00 ETNew England-5 At Miami

I’m going to take the most boring team in football and the obvious pick, the Patriots

9/7 4:25 ETAt Tampa Bay-1.5 Carolina

I’m going to take the Panthers here, I think they keep it close and sneak away with the win

9/7 4:25 ETSan Francisco-5 At Dallas

San Francisco all the way

9/7 8:30 ETAt Denver-7.5 Indianapolis

Never go against Peyton Manning in prime time, I’m taking the Broncos

9/8 7:10 ET At Detroit-5.5 New York Giants

I’m taking the Giants to cover but ultimately lose the game. The Giants have a sneaky good defense and should keep this contest close.

9/810:25 ET At Arizona-3 San Diego

I’m taking the Chargers in what should be an exciting game, I think they will be able to run on the Cardinals and win the game